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Uniform Dress Code

For All Grades Except Toddlers

The School Uniform Dress Code applies to all students except for Toddlers. (For Toddlers, see below.) Uniforms must be worn at all times in the classrooms. The Office has a limited supply of used uniforms available for purchase for a small fee.

Uniforms must be worn at all times in the classrooms, on campus, and on field trips except on designated days.

Note: Spare clothing should match our Uniform Policy.

Allowed Color or Pattern Details
Jumpers Douglas Plaid or Solid Navy Blue Plaid uniform (pattern: Douglas plaid) or solid navy blue, knee length. The school plaid is available at Dennis Uniform. (Girls only)
Skirts / Skorts Douglas Plaid or Solid Navy Blue Girls only. Plaid uniform (pattern: Douglas plaid) or solid navy blue, knee length. The school plaid is available at Dennis Uniform. (Girls only)
Shirts Navy Blue or White> Button, polo, or turtleneck in white or navy blue
T-shirts Navy Blue or White White or navy blue solid or with school emblem
Pants Navy Blue Uniform style pant in navy blue: corduroy, cotton or twill (no jeans).
Leggings Navy Blue or White Blue or white under skirts, jumpers, or skorts only.
Shorts Navy Blue Navy blue, 1” above knee
Sweater Navy Blue or White Navy blue or white. Cardigans, vests acceptable
Sweatshirt Navy Blue, Royal Blue, or White Navy blue, royal or white solid plain or with school emblem
Coats Any Any color. Worn outside only
Shoes Black, Navy Blue, Brown Solid color (black, navy blue, brown) or athletic shoes acceptable. No pointy-toe boots and no flashing shoes.
Hats & scarves Any Worn outside only
Hair -- Boys’ hair - above the collar and above the eyebrows.

Girls’ hair - worn away from the eyes. Natural hair color only. Hair ornaments in school colors.

Hair styles deemed distracting are not allowed, such as a mohawk or severely short haircut; the Administration will decide if a hair style is distracting.
Face -- Clean, no make-up
Masks for COVID Any Masks may not be scary, disturbing, or include inappropriate images or writing. Masks may include images and cartoon characters, if not distracting.
Earrings -- Post style earrings - girls only
Hands -- Clean and short nails, polish not allowed


Toddler Students:

  • Uniform not required
  • All other guidelines apply
  • Cartoon character not approved because it is a distraction

Girls' Plaid Jumpers, Skirts, and Skorts:

If you don’t find what you need on the school’s “for sale” rack of used uniforms, the only store that sells the girls' Montessori Academy plaid jumpers, skirts, and skorts is:

Dennis Uniform Store (in Tukwila by SouthCenter)
12608 Interurban Ave. S. #150
Seattle, WA
Plaid Name: Douglas Plaid

The Dennis Uniform Store is open strange days and hours, so go to their
Web site: www.dennisuniform.com, then choose:
Get Help > Find a Dennis Store > Washington > Seattle.

Tip: During June 15th—July 15th, the Dennis Uniform online store typically offers 10% off your entire purchase.