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Early Childhood - 3rd Grade - Cooking as Practical Life Skills

All classrooms do food preparation.

  • Early Childhood classrooms learn how to clean and cut a carrot, and then offer sliced carrot to other classmates. (Learning important safety skills as well as manners.)
  • PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades make bread, cookies, or even a Thanksgiving Feast. The specific cooking projects vary depending on the classroom and the unit of study.

  • Cooking - Preschoolers peel and slice applesStudents learn to peel and slice apples
  • Cooking - PreK and K students slice applesStudents learn to slice apples
  • Cooking - PreK and K students learn to use a knife...and how to safely use a knife
  • Cooking - PreK and K students' pieWow! Look at the pies they made!

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4th - 8th Grade Cooking Class

4th - 8th grade students have a specific Cooking Class where they:

  • Plan a well-balanced meal
  • Budget and comparison shop
  • Cook the meal
  • Enjoy the meal, and practice good manners
  • Clean up after the meal.

The students love it, and they learn so much from this experience!

  • Students prepare a mealAmazing meal prepared by the students
  • Students grocery shopShopping
  • Students budgetCalculating for budgeting
  • Students prepare a mealPreparing food
  • Students set the tableSetting the table
  • Students enjoy their mealReady to eat (Mrs. Justus is at the end of the table. She is our school's founder.)
  • Students enjoy their mealMeal time
  • Students clean the tableCleaning up - table
  • Students wash the dishesCleaning up - dishes