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Welcome to Montessori Academy at Spring Valley!

Toddler - 8th Grade

Join us this summer! 
Our Summer Camp has a new, fun themes every week.
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  • Montessori Academy is located on Pacific Hwy South
  • Our founder received instruction from Dr. Montessori herself
  • Our campus includes a Creek, Pond, and 14 acres of green
  • Our students learn IN our environment
  • Friendship is a natural part of school
  • PreK and Kindergarten students learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, AND fractions
  • We have onsite ecology experiments
  • French at all levels: Preschool through 9th Grade
  • Ecology: we raise salmon from eggs
  • Ecology: we release salmon into the Hylebos creek
  • Mentoring: older students teaching younger students
  • Hylebos Creek: older students help younger students release a salmon
  • Preschool: Students learn life skills
  • Preschool: Students learn to pour
  • Middle School: Students learn to comparison shop
  • Exercise and Charity: Students participate in the American Heart Association: Jump Rope for Heart

When should you start private school?

Wall Street Journal: in Preschool: "...increasing enrollments for preschoolers in the year before [Kindergarten] school entry is a worthwhile investment that will have important economic payoffs in terms of ... later earnings." Read the full article

Why Montessori?

Forbes: The Future of Education Was Invented in 1906. "The reason why everything is the way it is in a proper Montessori classroom is simple: it has been shown through repeated experiment to work, in countless classrooms, across cultures, etc...the most recent science backs up Dr Montessori's findings--as well they should since they were drawn from experiment...The future of education is here. It's got nothing to do with laptops. It was invented well over a century ago. What are we waiting for?" Read the full article

Montessori v. Public School