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JDay (our end of year celebration)

May Day was a traditional celebration of Spring, the Earth and children for over 40 years at the school. The students and parents wore ethnic costumes and prepared garlands of flowers. Lanterns hung from the trees and flowers decorated the bridge.

  • JDay - bagpiperJDay (aka June Day) is our end of year celebration - it starts with a bagpiper
  • JDay - paradeEveryone joins the parade around campus
  • JDay - graduating 8th gradersFrom the oldest students (8th grade)...
  • JDay - Preschoolers...to the youngest students (Toddlers)
  • JDay - classroomsAll students sit with their class
  • JDay - May PoleThe older students perform the May Pole dance
  • JDay - May PoleIt's tricky! They wind it, and then they UNwind it!
  • JDay - PreK and Kindergarten singingEarly Childhood students singing "You've got a friend in me"
  • JDay - graduating 8th graders8th grade students graduate from our school
  • JDay - friendsStudents enjoy the friends they have made...
  • JDay - friends...and hope to see next fall
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Because of the unreliability of weather conditions, we moved our celebration to June. But we have maintained many aspects of the historic tradition.

  • We still start the day with bagpipe music and a parade. The students, teachers, and parents gather at the meadow by the pond.
  • The graduating 8th graders, in caps and gowns, are presented with diplomas.
  • The children sing and dance for their parents.
  • 3rd and 4th graders perform the traditional May Pole Dance with colorful streamers cascading from the May Pole.

It's a really fun way to end the school year.